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Essential Oils for a Chemical Free Home

Have you been wanting to create a chemical free environment for your home? That can be challenging, considering there are an estimated 65,000-100,000 chemicals in store-bought products today, some of which have not even been thoroughly tested. Labels on products often imply chemicals are safe when in reality their ingredients can be dangerous.

Did you know that with essential oils and other non-toxic products, you can replace home fragrances, cleaners, and personal products simply by making your own? At this class we will talk about some versatile essential oils, and we will make and take home a chemical free product as well as a copy of The Chemical Free Home. Sign up today to get on the path to a non-toxic lifestyle!

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A $10 materials fee is due on the first night of class to cover materials used. Please bring cash and exact change is appreciated.

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Doorey 7/28 - 7/28 Tu 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM $20.00 15

Introductory Outdoor Leadership

Ever wanted to learn more about camping and how to survive and enjoy the great outdoors? This program offers three levels of programming in one.  It is an introductory, in-class program that covers the following topics: Gear Selection, The Kitchen, Outdoor Skills, Navigation, Trace Free Camping, and Safety in the outdoors. This is the first level of training for beginners. The second layer for the advanced camper taking this class is learning the process of outdoor instruction. During the class, activities are incorporated that require students to teach the skills and knowledge they have acquired. It may be as simple as tying a knot and then teaching this skill to others. Finally, the third level for the advanced outdoor practitioner; How to develop momentum and maintain energy in any outdoor program. The best part of this process is the synergy developed by the different groups. Each learns at their own level and gains from the other groups' knowledge. Even a beginner camper can help an advanced practitioner. This is accomplished by giving that person instant feedback on what is or is not working in their programming.  

So come one, come all! This class is designed for all levels!  The program will include PowerPoint presentations with lecture, in-class exercises, group discussion and self-evaluation quiz.  Each person will leave with completed projects and a Multimedia packet (eight set DVD/CD) containing all of the PowerPoints used in class (narrated with previous lectures), E-book PDF files, checklists, appropriate forms, The Diamond Rolodex, and several hours of additional audio programming. A $50 fee will be due to the instructor for materials at the beginning of class. A family discount may be available upon request for students who are taking the class with a family member. 

Additional Information

A $50 materials fee is due to the instructor at the beginning of class. Family discount may be available upon request for students who are taking the class with a family member. 

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Moore Building
Gibbons 8/1 - 8/1 Sa 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM $36.00 24