NKU String Project

NKU String Project

The NKU String Project is a unique program that introduces stringed instrument playing to grade-school students and affords music degree undergraduates opportunities for hands-on classroom teaching experiences.

Under the guidance of a Master Teacher, a seasoned, experienced public school music teacher, undergraduate students teach children in the community how to read music and play a stringed instrument, such as the violin, viola, cello or bass. In the process, NKU String Project students develop good work habits and improve their ability to collaborate and cooperate in groups.

Prerequisites and Tuition:

Prelude Class:
Open to all beginners ages 8–12 (no or little experience). $110 tuition + $10 uniform t-shirt fee.

Intermezzo Class:
Ages 9–13, completion of Prelude Class or audition required. $130 + $10 Uniform t-shirt fee.

Sinfonietta Strings:
Ages, 10–15, requires at least one year of Intermezzo Class and successful entrance audition OR successful audition and permission of String Project Director/Master Teacher. $150 tuition + $10 uniform t-shirt fee

Teen/Adult Beginning Strings: Ages 13 and up, a 10-week program to learn the basic technical and musical skills on the instrument. No prior musical experience needed! After 10 weeks, students merge into the teen or adult orchestra. $150 tuition + $25 uniform polo shirt fee.

Teen Orchestra: Ages 13 and up. A mixed level string orchestra for teens. Prerequisite: completion of the Teen/Adult Beginning Strings course or 1+ years experience. (note: teenagers with 3+ years experience should consider NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra). $150 tuition + $25 uniform polo shirt fee.

Adult Orchestra: Ages 18 and up. A mixed level orchestra for adults. Prerequisite: completion of "Teen/Adult Beginning Strings" or 1 + years experience. $150 tuition + $25 uniform polo shirt fee.

Additional Information

Please visit musicprep.nku.edu for important information regarding registration policies, tuition refunds, parking/directions, class dates and room numbers (when applicable).

Add Section Dates Days Times Fees Details
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Teen.Orchestra.15-16 9/8 - 4/24 Tu 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM $175.00 View
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Adult.Orchestra.15-16 9/8 - 4/24 Tu 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM $175.00 View
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Prelude.15-16 9/9 - 5/7 We Sa Varied $120.00 View
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Sinfonietta.15-16 9/9 - 5/4 We Sa Varied $160.00 View
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Intermezzo.15-16 9/9 - 5/7 We Sa Varied $140.00 View
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Teen/Adult.Begin.15-16 9/12 - 5/7 Sa 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM $175.00 View