Asian Antiquity and Tourism
Demystify Asian Antiquity! Learn ancient cultures and backgrounds, their arts and crafts, religion and belief, inspirations, styles and patinas, aesthetics and meanings. Compare real and fake, find out treasure or trash in this intriguing class with lecture, slide show, and hands-on inspection of both genuine and reproduction pieces (bring your questionable piece/s and make it a case study to get a closest guess). We will also talk about tourism industry of Southeast Asia perhaps to arouse you curiosity and travel bugs. Please bring a strong magnifying glass and a pair of gloves (linen preferred)

Chat Mingkwan is an avid collector of Asian art. He has been collecting and trading Asian objects for more than 20 years. He has devoted his whole life to studied and involved in Southeast Asian Antiquity, especially Buddhist and Hindis objets d' art.

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Piedmont High School
PHS - 26
Mingkwan 7/30 - 7/30 We 06:30 PM - 09:00 PM