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Peripatetic Photography

In this weekend intensive, photographers will approach walking as a conscious contemplative act. Over the course of two days we'll examine how the history of walking and photography are inextricably linked through slide presentations, demonstrations, discussion, critique, and (naturally) by going on a walk ourselves. While walking, we will work to heighten our awareness and observe the potential of our everyday surroundings. We'll also address the challenges of sequencing images made through chance encounters and stream-of-consciousness photographing. (12 hours/All Levels)

Lisa McCarty is a photographer and a graduate of Duke’s MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts. She is currently a lecturer at UNC-Greensboro and an exhibitions assistant at the Center for Documentary Studies. She is the curator of one of the exhibits currently on display at CDS, An Everyday Affair: Selling the Kodak Image to America, 1888–1989. An admirer of both William Henry Fox Talbot and Robert Walser, Lisa devotes her time to fixing shadows, making cameras by hand, and taking long walks through Durham.

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