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Portraits and Dreams: Literacy Through Photography

Discover the program created by photographer and teacher Wendy Ewald that encourages students to explore their world through photography. This workshop demonstrates ways to use photography and writing as a tool for increasing students’ critical thinking, self-expression, and personal involvement in school. The workshop involves two writing and photography assignments dealing with Literacy Through Photography (LTP) themes of self, community, and dreams. Participants will learn about LTP’s collaboration with schools in Durham, North Carolina, and in Arusha, Tanzania, and plan a project to implement in their own classrooms, programs, or organizations. (12 hours)

Katie Hyde co-authored the book Literacy and Justice Through Photography: A Classroom Guide with Wendy Ewald and Lisa Lord. Her work with the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) methodology began in 1998 when she studied with Wendy Ewald and volunteered at Shepard Middle School in Durham. Hyde continues to collaborate with Durham classrooms when teaching an undergraduate interdisciplinary course about LTP. In addition to directing the LTP DukeEngage initiative in Tanzania, she travels nationally and internationally to teach LTP workshops at major museums, schools, and community organizations. Hyde has a doctorate in sociology from North Carolina State University and teaches visual sociology at the Center for Documentary Studies. She maintains the LTP blog found here: literacythroughphotography.wordpress.com.

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