This event has been ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

Color Theory: Understanding the Use of Color


Students will learn through painting, pastel drawing and collage the phenomenon of how colors gradate from one to the next and work together to affect mood. A comprehensive study of primary, secondary, tertiary values, hues, and colors will be studied as well as the full spectrum of complementary color use and temperature. References will include Kandinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art (which contains his color symbolism theories) and the theory of "Push Pull" by Hans Hoffman, as well as a brief summation of early symbolism with color from the Renaissance and Byzantine eras. Students who take this class will come away with a much improved ability to mix colors and use color effectively.

Instructor: Richard  Heinsohn

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Age Range:  18  -  200

are held weekly from 3/5/2012 to 3/26/2012

meets on:
Monday, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Located in : Watkins College of Art, Design & Film, CE
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Adult: $100.00