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Art of the Interview

Polish your listening and observation skills, and explore a range of interviewing techniques. Students will consider the many variables involved in interviewing a subject for radio or video: How much homework on the interviewee should you do in advance, and how far can you veer from prepared questions? How do you put your subjects at ease and inspire trust? How can you get the most out of a time-constrained interview? Students will discuss release forms, the ethics of editing, and the role of the interviewer in framing the story, and will conduct in-class practice interviews with each other using digital video. Participants will acquire the tools to be more experienced, confident, and compassionate interviewers.

Georgann Eubanks and Donna Campbell are the managing partners of Minnow Media, LLC, a multimedia production company based in Carrboro, North Carolina. Eubanks has written profiles and promotional materials for the last 25 years and hosted a local radio program for three years. Early in her career, Campbell founded Lake Norman Magazine near Charlotte, became Knight Ridder’s first female publisher, and then moved into documentary production for public television, for which she has won numerous awards. For more information, check the web at www.minnowmedia.net.

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