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DocuArts Retreat

This four-day winter institute is designed to give students traction on their projects, at whatever stage of completion. Working in small groups with accomplished practitioners, students who are just starting a project will gain insight into the effectiveness of different media and methodologies, with the goal of mapping a plan of attack; students midway through their projects will get perspective on the work they’ve done, with an eye toward editing down the raw material they’ve acquired and discovering what holes remain to be filled; while students nearing completion will receive valuable feedback and advice on the finishing touches that will result in a polished piece. Guest lecturers will offer perspective on the documentary process. Groups are be organized by medium, but there are plenty of opportunities for cross-fertilization.

This course is a requirement for the distance certificate and must be taken in both the first and second years. Local students seeking expert guidance and a jolt of momentum for their projects are also encouraged to attend.

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