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We Need to Talk About Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X rocked the video community when it was released in 2011, and not in a good way. Widely criticized for being incomplete, incompatible, and “dumbed down,” it set off a wave of defections to other editing systems and tarnished the love that editors felt for their venerable editing program. Three years and several updates later, FCP X is gaining new respect, having finally matured and evolved to the point that it merits a second look. This class is aimed at FCP 7 and Premiere users and others who are “FCP X-curious.” Part lecture, part hands-on, this presentation will attempt to explain the huge (and exciting) paradigm shift that FCP X represents and allow students a chance to evaluate for themselves this brave new editing program.

Jim Haverkamp is an award-winning filmmaker and editor based in Durham. His filmmaking credits include the short films When Walt Whitman Was a Little Girl, Armor of God, and Hot Dog Man: A Case Study. He has also worked as an editor on several feature documentaries, including Monster Road, Doubletime, and Dancing with the Goddess.

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