Scheduled Dates

2/1/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
2/8/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
2/22/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
3/1/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
3/8/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM
3/15/2021   06:00 PM  08:00 PM

Learning to Draw with Joe Lisciotti

Dates: 2/1/2021 to 3/15/2021
Schedule: Mo 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

There will be no class held on
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Located in : Monroe Elementary School, Monroe Art Room
Instructor: Joseph Lisciotti

Regular Student: $69.00

Absolutely anyone can learn to draw! This basic drawing class emphasizes the form and shape of static objects using a light source and shadow to define perspective, dimensions, explore line, tone, texture, and shading with pencil. Basic drawing principles of composition, form, line quality and light and shade are also covered thoroughly.  At the end of this class, you will feel confident about the basics of drawing. Supply list provided.

Additional Information

No Class Feb 15


  • White drawing paper pad
  • Ebony pencils 
  • HB pencil
  • White plastic eraser 
  • 12 inch ruler
  • Hand held pencil sharpeners