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Contemporary Figure Painting With a Full Palette


Located in : New York Academy of Art, TBD
Instructor: Kristy Gordon

Regular Student: $325.00

This three-day figure painting workshop is a unique opportunity for students of all levels to learn the process of painting the nude figure using a full palette. We will utilize warm and cool lighting to achieve dynamic colors, giving a contemporary feeling to portraits painted with traditional techniques.

The course will center on the experience of painting from a live model and there will be a single, sustained pose throughout the workshop. Participants will learn how to achieve a better likeness as well as how to paint convincing flesh tones. Each day will include a painting demonstration, discussion and individual instruction at the easel. 

Discussions and handouts will cover the stages for developing a painting, anatomical proportion, structure of the face and features, as well as value, edges and modeling with color temperature.

The beginner will learn fundamental principles such as how to mix colors and render form modeling. The more advanced student will discover how to take their work to the next level and achieve the finish that they desire.

Beginner to Advanced


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