Scheduled Dates

6/1/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
6/8/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
6/15/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
6/22/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
6/29/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
7/6/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
7/13/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
7/20/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
7/27/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM
8/3/2019   02:00 PM  05:00 PM

Long Pose Figure Painting

Dates: 6/1/2019 to 8/3/2019
Schedule: Sa 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Located in : New York Academy of Art, TBD
Instructor: Evan Kitson

Regular Student: $590.00

Through demonstration, discussion, and practice, students in this class will gain an understanding of how the science of light can be harnessed along with their perceptual awareness to produce convincing works of figurative art. Students of this class will explore gesture, proportion, perspective, and the many facets of color by working through two 5 week long figure poses. We will be discussing painting and it's materials from the ground up, covering new additions to the palette each session. Students of this course may choose to work on a new painting each week, or work on two long paintings during the course.

Beginner to Advanced



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