Harmonica for Everyone


No musical experience? Not a problem. Convinced you could never play anything? Think again.

With a harmonica, you can learn more music than you ever thought possible. We cover basics, so that each step is easy. Then on to folk, rock, classical, and blues…plus some music fundamentals. I believe that you will amaze yourself.

All of this on a 10-hole diatonic harmonica (often referred to as “blues harp”). The fun begins right away. If you are a trained musician, this is a chance to try an instrument built for blues improvisation.

Bring your own diatonic 10-hole "C" harmonica or buy one in class for $12.  Sheet music is provided at no additional cost.

Instructor Contact Information:

Wiley Rankin
[email protected]
Bio: http://www.jumpforjoymusic.com/about-us/resume/
Feel free to email instructor with your questions before registering.

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