Wikispaces (students)


Intended Audience: Any EIU student interested in creating an ePortfolio or who needs a demonstration of Wikispaces.


eiuFolios is a private wiki area within Wikispaces for EIU students, staff, and faculty.

During this training session, participants will be introduced to a wiki template available within eiuFolios that can be used to develop an eportfolio. This template serves as an organized, accessible, electronic repository to collect artifacts that document student direction, interest, skills, and learning both in and out of class during their education at Eastern Illinois University and beyond. This template does not exist to replace program specific or instructor directed portfolios. It exists for students without portfolio development opportunities. This template may be modified to best suit individual needs.


Access to eiuFolios; Creating a wiki; Adding text, documents, and hyperlinks; Sharing and exporting.


1) Student will access eiuFolios at: www.folios.eiu.edu 2) Student will create a new wiki from the action menu. 3) In creating a wiki, the student, will name a wiki, assign permissions, and a template without prompting. 4) While in the eportfoliotemplate wiki, the student will directly add text without assistance. 5) While in the eportfoliotemplate wiki, the student will add pdf documents without assistance. 6) While in the eportfoliotemplate wiki, the student will insert a hyperlink without assistance. 7) The student will invite members to their eportfoliotemplate wiki without assistance. 8) The student will remove members to their ePortfoliotemplate wiki without assistance. 9) The student will know how to export their eportfoliotemplate wiki without assistance.


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