West Side Salon for Philosophy and the Future


This discussion group will cover a broad range of topics and themes, including all the general issues of philosophy, such as wisdom, mind and consciousness, ethics, and cosmology. On the “futures” side, included are areas such as the future of science and technology, the future of the human mind, the future of human society and culture, science fiction scenarios about the future, and space travel and exploration. I also envision an intersection, overlap, and cross-fertilization between philosophical and futurist themes, for example, how does philosophy illuminate the future and vice versa. Meetings will frequently (though not always) take the form of selecting out a new book (in either philosophy or the future) and discussing it. This salon will meet 8 times. It will meet every other Tuesday on:September 17. October 1, October 15, October 29, November 12, November 26, December 10, January 7


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