The Figure In Watercolor


As a medium that allows only a few corrections, the basis of watercolor must be understood. This course examines the language and techniques of watercolor painting working from the figure. Students will paint using a variety of strategies derived from current and historical practices creating an illusion of three-dimensionality from a flat surface.

Students will learn to understand the medium’s behavior on wet & dry paper and how to allow accidents without losing control, thus allowing the medium to express itself and create images that feel alive.
Working from the model, students will begin with a series of quick gestural studies and progress to longer paintings. A variety of topics will be covered: life drawing & painting, nudes & portraits, flesh tones, reserving white of the paper, volume, and color theory.
There will be daily lectures, demonstrations, exercises, and one-on-one guidance to find each student’s individual style.
The ultimate goal is to win the confidence and obtain definitive results in this unforgiving technique.

Beginner to Advanced

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New York Academy of Art
Daldoce 9/25 - 12/18 We 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM $590.00 View

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