Marketing with Documentaries (ONLINE ONLY)


Where documentary and business meet is an emerging genre of filmmaking—the marketing documentary. Nonprofits, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and mom-and-pop shops share the same needs: to tell compelling stories to partners, stakeholders, and clients that promote their interests. In the age of mobile and social media, businesses increasingly turn to documentarians to help them connect with audiences through the construction of compelling, informative, and artistic films—ones that simultaneously humanize the company, reinforce the brand, and create a connection. Through discussion and selected screenings, you will discover this film style and explore its variations and uses. Course topics include: thinking like a marketer, common video techniques, the line between advertising and documentary, art as a sales tool, working with brands, operating within a company review process, and practical shooting concerns. No business, marketing, or documentary experience is necessary. Added value may be gained by pairing this course with Writing the Documentary Script or Documentary and the 3-Act Structure.

Josh Dasal is an Emmy-winning film and television director-producer-writer, video marketer, and co-producer of the podcast ArtCurious. He has created/consulted for outlets like Discovery Channel, PBS, Sony Screen Gems, and director Wes Craven, as well as producing content for businesses like IBM, ADP, and the North Carolina Museum of Art. He began teaching at the Center for Documentary Studies in 2010, and served as an instructor at UNC-Chapel Hill and Missouri State University. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California< School of Cinema–TV in screenwriting, and his work has screened at venues including the Mann Theatres on Hollywood Boulevard and the Director’s Guild. He is the founder of Kaboonki, a video and podcast production firm.


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