Digital Camera - Beginning DSLR and Compact Digitals


In this beginning class we get out of “auto” mode into the flexible modes which allow you to control focusing, color, and time. Use of these modes, your pictures will look just how you want them. Learn the “right” words used universally in the photography world such as: aperture size, focal length, focus control, metering for light, white balance, and the all-important ISO for low light settings.
Learn the effect of focal length choices such as wide angle and telephoto. We study composition technique via the all-important “rule of thirds” used to achieve harmony and WOW factor in our photos!
Every class will focus on practice with camera adjustments for situations such as portrait (in class shoot); composition (homework), landscape, monuments, statuary art, trees and flowers, selective focusing and white balance (field trip). Students are invited to bring in printed pictures for in-depth discussion and tips for improvement. One-on-one help from the instructor is an important
feature of this class. Class includes a field trip to a beautiful photogenic site. This class is followed by an advanced class which focuses on on-site photography.

Class limited to 12 to provide ample opportunity for one on one help from the instructor.
Bring camera and manual to each class.  No Class 2/21


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Santa Clara Adult Education
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18 - &up Pipkin 2/14 - 3/14 We 06:30 PM - 09:00 PM $85.00 View
Santa Clara Adult Education
Room Q5
18 - &up Pipkin 4/25 - 5/16 We 06:30 PM - 09:00 PM $85.00 View
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Santa Clara Adult Education
Room Q5
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