Programming in Python


Python is one of the most popular scripting languages in use these days. It is a robust, high-level, object-oriented programming language, designed with readability in mind. It combines the power of compiled languages with the expressiveness of a scripting language. The core language is small, but it comes with an extensive standard library.

Additionally, a very large collection of modules is available for specialized uses. It is available on all major operating systems. Programs written using the standard library are portable across the
supported operating systems. It can be used for systems-, internet- and database-programming. GUI programs can be written using the Tkinter.

Given its rich support for regular expressions, it is also very suited for text-based data processing. Many large internet companies have standardized on Python as a framework language for infrastructure-related projects, and it is also extensively used as a basis for writing testing-frameworks. This course will teach introductory Python programming with a focus on testability of the programs. The course will include weekly hands-on lab exercises.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of any programming language.

Textbook: The Quick Python Book (2nd Ed.) by Vern Ceder, Manning is required.


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