Christmas Tour - 2016 (K-12th)


In this class students will put together all they've learned from their various classes in order to spread holiday joy.

From short plays, to poems, to music, the students involved will tour the region for two weeks in December performing for audiences of all ages in order to share the Christmas spirit as well as hone their performance skills.

Christmas Tour at Studio 52 is a time honored tradition and a blast for everyone involved! This year's directors are Dave Hart, Olivia Palmer, and Wendy Jones. It's a family affair this year so we hope you will join us

Class will rehearse one week (Nov 28-Dec 2nd) and then students will begin the tour.

Class will run from 4pm-8pm weeknights (and perhaps for a few daytime hours on Sunday 4th if needed.)  Students will not be required to be in attendance for the full rehearsal time each day. Detailed schedules will be handed out by the directors once class sign ups have been completed.

Tour dates will be from December 5th - December 17th.

Grade Range: K - 12


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