AR-15 Armorers Clinic


Students completing this class will be able to competently maintain and or modify their chosen AR rifle.

This is also an excellent class for those students with some basic knowledge of rifles, but still looking to purchase their first AR as we will cover basically everything you need to know in order to select the right rifle for you!

This class covers the inner workings of the AR platform for both piston driven and direct impingement systems. Students will learn the basic skills and tools needed to completely assemble and disassemble a military spec AR-15 rifle. Students are encouraged to bring their own rifle, but rental firearms are available at the range facility.

Classroom topics include:
- Overview and operation cycle
- Direct impingement vs piston operated
- Overview of the bolt and bolt carrier
- Overview of various gas blocks, fore ends, and barrel configurations
- Stock configurations, along with buffer spring and buffer combinations
- Tools and techniques needed to assemble a rifle from parts
- NJ Legal options, and the correct process for assembling a compliant rifle
- Basic cleaning and maintenance demonstration
- Disassembly and reassembly of the rifle and its base part groups
- How to properly function check a completed rifle
- How to sight in your rifle with both fixed iron sights and various optics

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