Effectively Engaging with Communities of Color


We can no longer ignore the data and facts that structural racism exist today within our formal systems. These Systems (SSA, JPD, MH, ED) have historically been biased against communities of color resulting in disparate treatment and disproportionality of those who they are supposed to serve. The first step to fixing our systems begins with you recognizing your role in serving our communities within a formal system where structural racism exist.

Families are not one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. When working with these communities, professionals must have a historical understanding and appreciation for what shapes the values, traditions, culture and mindset of these families and communities so they are better educated on how to effectively engage and build trust. In this course you will learn specific techniques (8-steps) of how to effectively engage and build trust from the lens of the community, not from the lens of the professionals. In this course you will learn how to leverage the cultural strengths and richness of the communities you serve that have stood the test of time.

Additional Information

Eligible Participants

Santa Clara County Title IV-E Collaborative training events are free for all who qualify. Eligible participants include:

  • Staff of residential treatment facilities in Santa Clara County
  • Foster and adoptive parents
  • Prospective foster and adoptive parents
  • Santa Clara County social workers
  • Santa Clara County children’s mental health providers
  • Staff of community based organizations that serve children and families in Santa Clara County
  • College and university students in academic preparation to work with families and children

Additional Information:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time to assure registration for the course. Attendees arriving after the start of the training time may lose registration position, and may not be allowed in due to wait list and need for prompt start time. Please cancel in advance if you cannot attend as frequent "no shows" may result in an inability to register for future training.

Please Note:

If you are seeking CEU's for this training, you must be present for the entirety of the training. You must sign in and sign out on the designated CEU sign-in sheet. 


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