Understanding the Value of Healthy Childhood Attachments


It is vital for caregivers of foster youth to understand how their clients’ past experiences may inform their ability to attach as well as their behavior resulting from poor attachment. It is also important to know how to appropriately respond to the insecurely attached child and be aware of how the child’s behavior may trigger their own emotional issues. This training will introduce the concept of the development of healthy or “secure” attachment vs. “insecure” attachment and how each present in children behaviorally. This training also provides strategies to develop healthy attachment, as well as discussion on transference issues.

• Understand the concept of attachment, and what defines healthy versus insecure attachment

• Learn the types and stages of loss and how these affect attachment and behavior

• Learn how attachment disorders can affect behavior, and how to work with children with attachment disorders

• Discuss and be aware of countertransference issues



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