Large Scale Color Field Painting: Rothko-style


Make up to 3 paintings with acrylic inks using rags, rollers and brushes. Learn about color theory and technique while painting and creating. Learn what groundbreaking minimalist Mark Rothko meant when he famously said, “We are for flat forms because they destroy illusion and reveal truth.” 

Please Note: Bring a brown bag lunch.

Additional Information

Supply List

-Acrylic glaze medium - gloss or matte

-Acrylic Ink - black, white, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow (colors I use: cad red medium, alizarin crimson; ultramarine, ceulean, & indigo blues; lemon yellow, cad yellow medium)

-Substrates - 2-3 canvases (raw if you can find them, primed if not) or raw stretched linen - sized from 16"x20" to 36"x40"

-Roller - 1 or 2 small size with tray

-Brushes - round or chinese #12; large flat 1"-4"

-Palette with Compartments

-Spray Bottle

-Water Jar - medium sized

-Cloth Rags


-Latex Gloves

-Straight Edge



-Painters Tape

*Ideas & a brown bag lunch


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