Tape & Spray Watercolor


Jump in and have fun with watercolor like never before! Zoya demonstrates her award-winning tape and spray technique for watercolor. Learn to create your own stencils with tape, and create two multi-layered compositions. All levels of ability welcome. No previous watercolor experience necessary. 

Please Note: Bring a brown bag lunch.

Additional Information

Paints: At least one tube of each primary color: yellow, red and blue. 
Please be sure to have tubes rather than cakes of paint. 
3 Brushes: one Round or Chinese brush, size 8,10 or 12, oneFlat ½-1 inch and one- Rigger 
Paper: Two sheets Arches cold press watercolor paper 22x30 or smaller, 140 lbs. or heavier Palette: 1 large palette 
4 Misting Spray bottles, small (travel size) 
Tape (Green Frog brand seems to work best) 
Utility knife, 
Self-healing cutting board 

What else might come-in handy? Masking fluid, Pencil, Eraser, Extra brushes & paper, stencils, Sketch/note pad, Natural Sponge, Water jar, printed reference images, Ink pens, snacks, drinking water, apron.


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