Second Acts: How Women Change Up their Work Lives


For women who are reentering the job market after taking a career “pause,” those who are contemplating a move to more fulfilling work, or women looking for meaningful work in retirement. Women who’ve successfully “changed things up” in their working lives make up this panel/discussion to help others find their way to successful “Second Acts”. Women of a certain age used to be sidelined professionally, just as they were at the height of their creativity and personal power. No more! These days, our 40s, 50s and beyond can be a vital time to take career chances and pursue long-delayed goals. Leanne Rodd of Reboot Connect, a career accellerator for women re-entering the paid workforce, will lead the discussions. Panelists include Arlington-based author Elizabeth Searle who jump-started her mid-life writing career by creating a widely performed rock opera. Laurie Buchta navigated a return to her career after several years at home with family. In retirement, DeAnne Dupont and Julie Kremer created Food Link, a nonprofit that “rescues” food from groceries and restaurants for those in need. Anka Bric left her career in biochemical research to pursue her dream of opening Arlington restaurant Twyrl. Panelists will share tangible steps women on this journey can take to enhance their confidence and keep themselves on track. After a frank discussion and Q&A, we will break into small groups led by individual panelists and brainstorm steps we can take to become our best and boldest selves.


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