Photographing Outdoors


Erik Gehring

New England is a wonderful place to photograph nature’s vibrant colors, but photographing outdoors offers challenge as well as opportunity. Led by outdoor photographer Erik Gehring, whose work includes calendars for the Arnold Arboretum, trees will be the focus of this workshop. Because of their branching breadth and trunk height, trees can be rewarding but challenging subjects to photograph. In two sessions, Erik will provide tips, tricks, and photographic theory to help you create unique and dramatic images of trees and the landscapes they inhabit. Using images from his own teaching library, he will discuss what features you might want to emphasize, composition and framing, and what conditions might best complement your subject. The group will then travel to nearby Menotomy Rocks Park to take photographs. The following week’s session will be a review and critique of students’ work from previous sessions, and a return trip to Menotomy Rocks Park. View samples of Erik’s work at Meet at Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple St. Co-sponsored by Arlington Council on Aging and open to students of all ages.

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