Engaging Children and Youth of Color through the lens of the Trans-Cultural Engagement Model


Being able to engage children and youth early on in the therapeutic relationship is paramount for the improvement of their behaviors and the achievement of the identified goals. This is especially true for children and youth of color. Adolescents typically refuse to engage if they feel that the staff is not understanding and validating who they are as unique individuals. Without the proper engagement tools, the risk of pushing these youth away is high, with the possibility to alienate them even further away. The importance of cultural sensitivity is one of many considerations that need to be addressed in the engagement process of youth of color. This training will focus on the following topics:


· Meeting the youth where they are

· The integration of the youths culture into the therapeutic alliance

· The identification of tools and techniques to engage youth and youth of color in particular

Additional Information

Eligible Participants

Santa Clara County Title IV-E Collaborative training events are free for all who qualify. Eligible participants include:

  • Staff of residential treatment facilities in Santa Clara County
  • Foster and adoptive parents
  • Prospective foster and adoptive parents
  • Santa Clara County social workers
  • Santa Clara County children’s mental health providers
  • Staff of community based organizations that serve children and families in Santa Clara County
  • College and university students in academic preparation to work with families and children

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time to assure registration for the course. Attendees arriving after the start of the training time may lose registration position, and may not be allowed in due to wait list and need for prompt start time. Please cancel in advance if you cannot attend as frequent "no shows" may result in an inability to register for future training.

Please Note:

If you are seeking CEU's for this training, you must be present for the entirety of the training. You must sign in and sign out on the designated CEU sign-in sheet. 


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