Bitcoin Understood


Confused about Bitcoin? This unique and interactive presentation will leave you well informed. Bitcoin, the digital currency that was created in 2008, is rooted in idealism and libertarianism — a concern for privacy and distrust of Wall Street.  This cryptographic currency is essentially a digital token that you buy and sell.  Bitcoin is also the network on which it lives; the bitcoin network is a decentralized network of computers around the world where all bitcoin reside.  With privacy comes secrecy, so bitcoin quickly gave rise to an online black market.  But this digital currency is now being used for more mainstream purchases, a vehicle for investors and now big banks are finding uses for the innovative structure of the bitcoin system.  With the sharp rise in the price of cryptographic currencies such as bitcoin, media reports tend to emphasize the the price hike while minimizing the profound impact the underlying technology (blockchain) will have on society. This evening will separate fact from fiction surrounding virtual currencies. Through case studies and the analysis of current events, you will leave with a better understanding of cryptographic currencies such as bitcoin and the revolutionary blockchain technology. The discussion will be led by a financial services veteran who was exposed to cryptographic currencies and blockchain technology in 2013 while overseeing international anti-money laundering compliance for a major asset management firm.  He later introduced blockchain technology for the purpose of investor identity authentication at another firm.  Doug McCalmont founded BlocAlt Consulting to introduce blockchain related concepts to the nonprofit NGO community. 


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