Curious Minds: Reconciling Science and Spirituality


New scientific evidence about the origin of our universe requires new strategies for reconciling our spiritual and ethical beliefs with these advances. How does the mind make sense of these seemingly contradictory concepts? We will discuss the current theory of the evolution of the universe and the implications of relativity and quantum mechanics as they pertain to our view of the cosmos. We will also discuss the challenges involved in developing an ethical approach to the fields of genetics and medicine that reflects our values while recognizing the changes brought about by technology. What does it mean to be human? Was Einstein right when he said, “God does not play dice with the universe.”? How literally do we take religious writings, whatever their source? You will be encouraged to suggest your own methods of integrating, or keeping separate, the worlds of science and spirituality. We will discuss how different traditions might deal with this challenge differently. Gary Hawley recently retired from teaching high school science. He has taught a variety of science courses including chemistry, physics, and cosmology.


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