In Their Own Words: Personal Letters from Mount Auburn Cemetery (a Walking Tour)


Dee Morris

While Victorians were encumbered by the rules of polite society as to what they could and could not say, their personal  letters and private journals often revealed their deepest feelings and fears. The act of taking pen to paper empowered them to express opinions that were seldom voiced. In 1837, Henry W. Longfellow wrote of a confrontation with his own mortality: “Yesterday I was at Mount Auburn and saw my own grave dug, that is, my own tomb....I looked quietly down into it without one feeling of dread.” Years later, Henry Bowditch lamented the death of his son on a Civil War battlefield: “But how much has all the beauty of life gone from me!” Both men and women candidly expressed their intimate thoughts on love, family life and their communities. Join us on a spring stroll that will celebrate Mount Auburn residents in their own words. Meet at the Front Gate at 580 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge.


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