Reclaiming Our Bodies After Cancer


with authors Catherine Guthrie, Amy Yelin and Robin Schoenthaler

Arlington Community Education introduces a new series featuring authors, journalists and researchers sharing their stories and expertise with renowned author Steve Almond, about the most pressing issues we face—as parents, partners, and citizens. A vital part of We Need to Talk will be the conversation generated by audience members themselves. Steve Almond will provide the framework for discussion, understanding, and reflection on difficult but essential subjects ranging from the potentials and perils of technology and medicine to the joy and anguish of raising children, all with a sense of public morality in an age of political tribalism.


This event is co-sponsored with The Sanborn Foundation.

The Sanborn Foundation offers financial assistance to Arlington residents living with cancer. Some of the many treatment and care expenses we can help with include medical co-pays, medications, hospice care, medical equipment, transportation and integrative therapies. Grants are not needs-based and are available to Arlington residents regardless of income.  Apply online at or call 617-391-3092 for more information.


Millions of men and women receive cancer diagnoses every year. In nearly all cases, they are suddenly faced with a host of decisions about treatment ranging from surgery to chemotherapy and radiation. What every patient faces is a medicalizing of their bodies. They move from personhood to patienthood. And often, they have to battle to reclaim their own body from a potentially fatal disease, as well as from cultural perceptions of how they should look. Joining Steve Almond for this conversation will be Catherine Guthrie, author of the acclaimed memoir FLAT, a breast cancer survivor and advocate; and author Amy Yelin, a fellow survivor and native Arlingtonian; and Robin Schoenthaler, MD, essayist and Radiation Oncologist, Mass General Hospital Dept. of Oncology at Emerson Hospital.  Meet at Arlington’s social hub, Kickstand Cafe, 594 Mass. Ave., Arlington. Ticket price includes light refreshments.


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