PM 2-5 Introduction to Monotype and Drypoint Intaglio



Instructor: David Krkljus

In this intro class, students will learn 2 exciting printmaking techniques! Monotype, is an art form made by painting on a smooth metal plates with printing inks. Drypoint intaglio adds layer and texture to a print where lines are scratched directly into the plate, producing more advanced results. This class is a wonderful way to explore and familiarize yourself with these printmaking techniques. Novice and advanced printmakers alike will enjoy this exploration in printmaking. $55

PM - 2  Ages Teen/Adult  Sunday March 8  1:00-4:00

PM - 3  Ages Teen/Adult  Saturday April 25  4:00-7:00

PM - 4  Ages Teen/Adult  Sunday June 28 1:00-4:00

PM - 5  Ages Teen/Adult  Sunday August 16  1:00-4:00


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