D2L: Conquering the Content


Intended Audience: Faculty, Instructors, and Graduate Assistants

Type of Training: Hands on development

Mode: Face-to-face


By using the Content Tool, course materials can be made accessible to the students. You can build your course by using individual organizational units called Modules. A module provides a folder to load the basic content of the course. Each module can be broken down into separate topics. They hold the actual content of the course. Topics can be in the form of files uploaded from your computer, HTML pages, links to external websites, or other D2L tools. The Content Tool also helps to import, export, or copy course materials from one course to another. The Course Builder Tool helps you to gain access to multiple D2L tools such as activities, assessments, and so forth in one integrated interface.


Using D2L, with no help from the trainer, participants will be able to:

  • Organize content offline
  • Create and manage content
  • Use the course builder to add content
  • Use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool
  • Use the Manage Dates tool
  • Reorder modules
  • Set release conditions
  • Manage course files
  • Distinguish locker vs. course Files


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