Cameras Across Cultures (online)


This one-day workshop is designed for documentarians wanting to learn more about photographing and representing people of different cultures, whether in your backyard or abroad. We will discuss culturally sensitive methods of meeting and working with individuals, as well as various approaches to presenting cross-cultural projects that engage viewers while respecting the rights and agency of those depicted. We will also explore a range of historical and contemporary cross-cultural photography projects to examine what works—and what might not. Participants are encouraged to share their work. The class will emphasize existing and emerging digital tools; documentarians working with audio and video are also welcome. (5 hours/All Levels)

Please note: This course is offered in an online format and will not physically meet at CDS but will instead take place in a virtual session.

Sarah Stacke is a photographer specializing in the documentary arts. She has worked extensively in the United States and Southern Africa and shoots for a variety of U.S.-based and international organizations. Her images have been exhibited in New York and beyond, and in June 2013 her series from South Africa was featured as a solo exhibition at the Daylight Project Space. Stacke is currently working on Love from Manenberg, a long-term documentary project in Cape Town, South Africa, and is developing a curatorial project in collaboration with photographers from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. She recently curated Keep All You Wish: The Photographs of Hugh Mangum, which featured turn-of-the-twentieth-century portraits and was exhibited at the Center for Documentary Studies. In 2012, Stacke received an M.A. from Duke that was tailored to her research of historical and contemporary photographic representations of sub-Saharan Africa and the diaspora.

Additional information:
A late-model computer, fast internet connection, and built-in camera are recommended, though not required. Students with less than optimal hardware or internet connections are welcome to take the course, though it may be difficult to participate fully.


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