Shoplifting/Petty Theft - Theft Specific Impulse Control


This 4-hour Saturday course is designed to help clients examine their behavior, attitudes, and actions and to assist clients in identifying and modifying negative behaviors that lead to theft.  Students will learn how to identify the necessary steps that would allow them to curb compulsive behaviors and make better decisions and judgments that will lead to a positive change in their lives.

Course Covers:

  • Impulse control and alternative behavior.
  • Cause, effect and consequences of committing theft.
  • Taking control and being responsible for one's own attitudes and behaviors.
  • Identifying and distinguishing between wants and needs.
  • Goal setting and establishing priorities.
  • Defining and clarifying personal values.
  • Stress management, self-motivation and trust building exercises.
  • Identifying and defining positive behavior and attitude for a crime-free life.
  • Identifying positive role models and friends.
  • Discussing peer pressure and utilizing methods and techniques in resisting peer pressure.

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Mission College
Bliss 1/4 - 1/4 Sa 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM $150.00