Metalworking for Artists


This course will teach the student several metal working techniques, along with patinas, and metal texturing which will allow the student to either realize or continue working on metal artworks. Students will be taught proper tool usage and shop safety while being exposed to oxy-fuel, MIG welding, plasma cutting, as well as rolling, bending, cold connection and a variety of materials.Required attire: Jeans and leather boots.

Supply List (must have on first day of class)

-Safety glasses, ear-plugs, all leather work gloves

-Grinder with 2 4 1/2” cutting discs, 1 grinding wheel, 60 and 80 grit flapper discs

-MIG welding pliers (The cheaper ones will suffice)

-Welding helmet Shade 10 lens or auto darkening

-Shade 5 cutting glasses/goggles or if your welding helmet comes with a Shade 5 option

-Adjustable wrench

-Vise grip pliers

-Measuring tape


-Marker for metal (sharpie or small paint marker)

-Green fire resistant jacket or “FR” shirt

-Leather boots (no sneakers)

Please note:
The grinder doesn’t have to be name brand, could be Ryobi or a grinder from Harbor Freight.
Same goes for welding helmet if you are looking for auto darkening, you can pick up at Harbor Freight.

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Emily Griffith Technical College-1205 Osage
Welding Lab-103
Lanka 3/17 - 4/28 Sa 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM $349.00 12