Eliminate Clutter in Your Home and Office


Are you tired of searching for items lost in piles of chaos? Do you stumble over stuff strewn throughout your house? Clutterology® will change your life by making your environment work for you. Don’t let your clutter dictate your life. Discover how Clutterology’s® innovative ideas can get your clutter in order. You CAN change your environment to work for you with simple, easy and practical ideas on how to remove clutter from your life and get organized.

This class is fun-filled and non-confrontational plus you’ll find out how to:
-Put a stop to junk mail – NOW
-Distinguish between organized and neat
-Calculate the true and destructive cost of stuff
-Determine keep items from toss items
-Remove clutter to improve your life
-Create an efficient environment so you can get more done

-Stop stressing over mess and finally put an end to the havoc by taking this practical class.

A $30 materials fee payable to the instructor for the book Clutterology® 4th Edition (978-1-891440-62-5). Please bring charitable donations including old cell phones, empty printer cartridges, books, something from the kitchen and two items from the closet.

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