The Short Subject Audio Documentary (Online)


One of the most common lengths for stories on the radio today is four to six minutes, often called “feature length.” This format, which some consider the maximum length that listeners’ attention spans will allow, has become a de facto standard for independent producers. In this class, students will produce a complete story that runs under six minutes, with a varied mix of voice, ambient sound, and narration. Recording and editing experience are required: Instruction in recording and editing will not be included in the class. (12 hours/Intermediate-Advanced)

Please note: This course is offered in an online format and will not physically meet at CDS but will instead take place in virtual sessions.

Shea Shackelford is an audio documentary producer and creator of The Place + Memory Project, a public media project mapping a landscape of remembered places. His work has been heard nationally on such public radio shows as Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, and Snap Judgment. When he isn’t producing his own stories, Shea is busy training producers and helping stations and organizations to design and create their own projects. His awards include a Bronze Award for Best Radio Documentary at the 2010 Third Coast International Audio Festival. Shea has been part of the CDS summer audio institute team since 2005, and he is a founder of Big Shed, a public media shop specializing in audio and multimedia production.

Additional information:
A late-model computer, fast internet connection, and built-in camera are recommended, though not required. Students with less than optimal hardware or internet connections are welcome to take the course, though it may be difficult to participate fully.


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