Basic EMT Refresher


Designed for those who already hold the Basic EMT (EMT-B) certification or who have lapsed and wish to renew their certification, the primary purpose of refresher training is to assure that EMT-Basics maintain up-to-date proficiency in the knowledge and skill areas that are pertinent to their scope of practice. The program objectives identify these knowledge and skills areas.

Refresher courses include a review of the EMT original course content and the NYS Department of Health Certification exam. Individuals must recertify every 3 years. If you are being sponsored by an agency and please reference the EMS Registration Options for registration instructions

* Class schedule pending state approval.

Attendance at the Refresher course is determined by a challenge exam on the first night of class. Students who pass any sections are exempt from those sections. there will be some mandatory review and new information from the Department of Health as well.

Additional Information

Attendance Procedures and Make-up Policy
Attendance will be completed in the form of sign-in and sign-out sheets by the students and the Instructor Coordinator (I/C) at the start of each class session and will be maintained with the course records. While attendance at every class is strongly encouraged, specific absences will be permitted on an individual basis with permission of the I/C. All material missed must be covered on an individual basis with the I/C or his delegate prior to the final practical examination. No candidate who has missed one or more sessions will be permitted to sit for a final practical examination unless all material has been made up to the satisfaction of the CIC.

Students must arrive at class sufficiently early so as to allow for the orderly commencement of the class at the official starting time for the course. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class session and those not in attendance at the time will be recorded as being absent for that session. All students must sign out at the end of the session to include their leaving time.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy
A student may withdraw from any EMT course with the student being liable for payment of tuition per the following schedule:
Schedule of Student Liability
Prior to 1st day 0%
During 1st week 25%
During 2nd week 50%
During 3rd week 100%
Students are required to submit a letter in writing requesting to withdraw from the course and receive a refund.

Emergency Class Cancellation/Notification Procedures
If it becomes necessary to cancel a class, it will be announced on the County EMS communication network and on local media stations (WIRY, 95xxx, Wizard 106.7, WOKO, and WPTZ). Further information may be obtained from the college web site at or calling the college winter hotline at 562-4384. If time suffices, an attempt by the CIC to contact the students individually will also be made. The CIC will notify the Continuing Education Department at Clinton and the Clinton County Dispatch Center of the class cancellation as early as possible. If at any time a student suspects that a class session will be cancelled due to weather, the student should call the Center for Community and Workforce Development at Clinton Community College. The CIC will also provide his/her number which may be used by students, as well.

Textbooks Required
Pre-hospital Emergency Care, Tenth Edition. ISBN 13: 978-0-13-336913-7

Books are available from the college bookstore one week prior to when the course begins


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