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TEAC 1222-Effective Teaching Strategies


TEAC 1222 (EDU 222 Equivalent) is an interactive online course that focuses on strategies for becoming an effective teacher. Topics included: creating and using a syllabus, course goals and objectives, the first day, planning a lesson, higher levels of thought, test design and grading, assessment methods, that coincide with various teaching and learning styles.
The required book for the course is "Teaching at ITS Best" by Linda B. Nilson. 4TH EDITION - (This is the latest edition.) 
ISBN - 978-1119107798 – E-PUB,
ISBN-9781119096320 – Paperback, or
ISBN-9781119107804 – e-PDF
For more information on this course, please contact Tim McMahon at 720-423-4865


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