Defensive Carbine Clinic


During the Defensive Carbine Clinic, participants will learn how to employ a carbine or other rifle in a defensive manner. Participants will learn the differences between different style carbines or rifles and their calibers and the pros and cons of each, how to select the appropriate ammunition for your firearm, and how to operate the rifle in a defensive scenario. There will be a range portion of this event.

Participants will be required to supply their own firearm and ammunition for this clinic. An AR-15 style rifle is recommended as it is the most popular carbine. Other carbines and rifles will be allowed such as but not limited to AK-47, Mini-14, Tavor, Beretta CX4, and more. Participants must bring a minimum of 200 rounds for this clinic. A minimum of 2 magazines is required. We recommend having at least 4 magazines for this clinic.

Slings, ammo carriers (Belt or other), and/or mounted lights are encouraged but not necessary for this clinic. During the clinic, we will discuss how to employ these on your rifle and pros and cons of each, as well as different styles of each. Again, these items are NOT NECESSARY for this clinic.

Rental firearms will be available, but selection is extremely limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. To reserve a rental firearm for this clinic, please call 610.258.5500 and dial ext. 120 to speak with Kevin and reserve a rental gun for the course. An hourly rental fee will apply.

Additional Information

Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Students MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled class start in order to attend. DO NOT bring personal equipment or firearms into the store or classroom unless asked to do so by the Heritage Guild staff. While we do encourage students to bring in their own firearms, NO loaded guns or live ammunition are permitted in the classroom. Thank you!

All classes are held at the Heritage Guild Training Academy in Easton, PA unless stated otherwise in the class calendar list (The Heritage Guild of Branchburg or Rahway, NJ).


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Heritage Guild of Easton, PA
TBD 2/25 - 2/25 Su 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM $53.00
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Heritage Guild of Easton, PA
TBD 6/24 - 6/24 Su 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM $53.00