Tai Chi For Health: (Arthritis/ Fall Prevention)


Tai Chi to improve health has been practiced for centuries.  The curriculum is based on traditional forms and validated by modern scientific studies. 

This Fall we will be learning Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis/ Fall Prevention. This form has been shown to relieve pain, reduce falls and improve quality of life.  Arthritis organizations around the world advocate this program and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends it for fall prevention.

The course consists of six 1-hour class sessions taught by certified instructor Eric Deffenbaugh. We will cover footwork, alignment breathing, balance and movement of the Tai Chi for Arthritis form.

The "textbook" for the class is a digital video course designed by Dr. Lam.  It uses the same format and instruction of the live class.  It is the best way to come prepared for class or to keep up in the event of absence.  Information on purchasing the digital course will be provided by the instructor upon signing up for the class.

Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes for exercise. The ability to smile is strongly encouraged!


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