Ski Week/President's Week Tech Camp


Our mission at Tech Rocks is to get your child excited about technology, as well as give them the tools to be successful.

Our camps are an optimal balance to ensure they are engaged while learning essential tech topics like typing, coding fundamentals, and much more.

Our award-winning typing curriculum has repetitive drills to build proper touch typing, multi-player games, and Leaderboards to spur friendly competition. While typing is usually boring, we provide the ideal environment where students at are camps are motivated to excel.

Our progressive coding tracks are individualized to each student, ensuring they can move at their own pace and are given the guidance when necessary. We move from block coding to traditional languages like Javascript, & Python. Students can also work on a web/app track which teaches HTML, CSS & JQuery.

To ensure students stay engaged, we offer Free Time to motivate them to finish their necessary lessons and tasks. Free Time is a fun way for students to have fun and collaborate in their favorite games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite.

- Before Care (8-9am)

- Intros 
- Typing Drills/Games 
- AM Snack Break 
- Coding 
- Free Time

- Lunch

- Typing Drills/Games 
- PM Snack Break 
- Modding/Game Design 
- Free Time

- After Care (3-6pm)

Leaders in Technology

As students develop a strong base in technology, the next progression at Tech Rocks is to build leadership skills with our students. Tech Rocks Leaders in Technology (LITs) are trained in the areas of:

  • Group Facilitation
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Technical Proficiency
  • and much more

We provide training in these areas, giving our students the tools they need to succeed today, and in the future.

Space is limited, and all interested parents/students are encouraged to enroll today.

**A minimum number of 6 students is required to conduct the camp.


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