Take Note: Music Theory Prep


Now is the time to begin preparing for your music theory diagnostic or placement test by taking our theory course! Taught by award-winning composer and head of the CCM Preparatory theory area, Dr. Ellen Harrison has years of experience teaching music fundamentals.

This 8-session online course will cover the basics of music theory that include understanding:

  • Intervals (harmonic, melodic, and inversions)
  • Scales (major, the various minors, diatonic modes)
  • Key signatures
  • Triads and inversions
  • Basic Roman numeral and figured bass
  • Simple bar line placement and meter exercises
  • Aural skills:  recognition of melodic and harmonic intervals, diatonic pitch patterns, and melodic dictations.

How to Access: access links will be provided after registration

Please note: There is a 10 AM or an 11 AM class option. Once a class section reaches capacity, you can still register via the waitlist and we will then open additional sections.


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