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Directing Your Documentary: Making Choices

Making documentary films involves more than just pointing your camera at a subject or recording an event. Your film is a historical document that not only tells the story of your subject but reflects you as an artist, and directing a film means making difficult choices, from initial story concept to first screening.

Documentaries are similar to narrative fiction films in that both are based on a series of tools and techniques. This course will focus on helping participants choose how best to tell their story, design their production, develop their aesthetic, and capture their story on film. Through the screening of selected film clips, readings, in-class instruction, and weekly assignments, students will gain an understanding of the art of directing a documentary while developing the skills they need to fulfill their vision. (16 hours / Beginner/Intermediate)

Randolph Benson is a graduate of Wake Forest University and of the North Carolina School of the Arts’ School of Filmmaking. His film Man and Dog has appeared in film festivals worldwide and has garnered numerous awards, most notably a Gold Medal in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Student Academy Awards. His work has been featured on HBO, Bravo, the Independent Film Channel, numerous public television stations, Canal Plus–France, Telewizja Polska S.A.–Poland, and KBS-Korea. Benson received an Eastman Kodak Excellence in Filmmaking Award at the Cannes Film Festival and a First Appearance Award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

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Center for Documentary Studies
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Benson 9/10 - 10/29 Tu 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM $295.00 View

Introduction to Documentary Studies: Traditions (Online)

This course is designed for students in the Certificate in Documentary Arts program or those who plan to enroll; it’s also suited to non-certificate students with a general interest in interdisciplinary traditions of documentary work, with an emphasis on twentieth-century practice. Students will be introduced to a range of documentary idioms and voices, including the work of photographers, filmmakers, oral historians, folklorists, musicologists, radio documentarians, and writers. (16 hours/All levels)

Please note: This course is offered in an online format and will not meet at CDS but will instead take place in regularly scheduled virtual sessions.

Joy Salyers is a folklorist and a professional adviser on ethical and effective practice for individuals, organizations, and projects. She helps clients place an honest and compassionate assessment of themselves into the context of the systems within which they work. Salyers is also a writer, performer, and lecturer. She serves on advisory groups for several current documentary projects, and has taught in CDS’s continuing education program for more than a decade. joysalyers.com

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Center for Documentary Studies
Virtual Classroom
Salyers 9/12 - 10/17 Th 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM $295.00 View

Photography from Concept to Print to Gallery

Photograph by Barbara Tyroler

Whatever the photographic concept—landscape to portraiture, fine art, social justice photojournalism, commercial, or studio practices—workshop participants will learn advanced level skills to strengthen their portfolios culminating in an exhibition, public reception, and an educational community forum at the FRANK Community Outreach Gallery during the October month of photography in the Triangle.

Under the guidance of photographers Barbara Tyroler and Durward Rogers, participants will sharpen their photographic skills and camera techniques to create, edit, print, curate, mount, market, and hang their work with accompanying artist statement and wall text. Instruction includes advanced Photoshop techniques, individualized portfolio development, and printing techniques for fine art display. Experimentation with various photographic papers and presentation models for exhibition will be explored. (16 hours / Intermediate)

Barbara Tyroler is an experienced photographic educator and a professional portrait artist who utilizes her experience in both to integrate aesthetic form with social advocacy. She creates contemporary-style semi-abstracted imagery with emphasis on the figure, working on-site in private homes and artist studios, in therapeutic aquatic classes, and on college campuses. She creates projects that embrace the collaborative process, partnering with those who enjoy working together to make a difference through community engagement. With an MFA in digital art and a masters in education, Barbara served on the University of Maryland art department teaching staff. She offers independent critique, workshops, and seminars for photographers and is currently photographing North Carolina creative writers and the spaces they inhabit.

Durward Rogers is a filmmaker with an interest in scientific and technical documentaries. He started practicing film photography at the age of nine and has used Photoshop and digital cameras since they were first released. Before earning his Certificate in the Documentary Arts, Durward spent twenty-five years as a computer graphics engineer, working on such projects as the world’s fastest graphics supercomputer and the original Xbox. He is currently working on a film about climate change.

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Center for Documentary Studies
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Tyroler 9/3 - 10/22 Tu 06:45 PM - 08:45 PM $308.00 View