Beginning Blacksmithing

Designed for all levels, this course covers welding and blacksmithing safety and introduction to the anvil, forge and tools and the basic skills of the blacksmiths craft. Expect to make and take home projects including: candle holders, brackets, and frames for mirrors. No prerequisites required. Safety covered in the course.

Equipment List:

ANSI Approved safety glasses (Z 87)
Long cotton trouser
Leather work boots
2 pair leather work gloves
16 oz-20oz ball-peen hammer - optional
10” slip-joint pliers (straight) - optional
10” vice grip pliers - optional
Steel tape measure - optional
Wire brush - optional

Leather apron - optional

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Emily Griffith Technical College-1205 Osage
Welding Lab-103
Thomas 6/8 - 7/13 Fr 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM $349.00 -2