Fabulous Friday Home School

Fabulous Fridays (but on a Wednesday) Teen 1 (Podcasting/Film Studies)

Podcasting with Sea Stachura:

Podcasting is a medium that lends itself to intimacy and imagination. The listener feels the host is only speaking to them, and by using only sound and language, the creator has to help the listener imagine the situation or story. 

In this podcasting class, we will relate some of the life stories of senior citizens living at St. John Towers on Telifair. Students will learn to conduct interviews on-site and at the school. The class will engage critical thinking, writing, storytelling, planning, audio editing, curiosity and compassion. Each student's role will be unique with some working on the mic and some behind it.


Film Studies with Jacob Boland:

A one hour course offering the basics of how to tell a story through the art of moving images and digital editing. We will begin with the elements of film, so students will be grounded in film terminology, techniques, aesthetics, and history in preparation for a short narrative movie to be show at the end of the course. The main project will require the efforts of everyone in the class and each student will be given a role in the production based on their skill levels and interests. The lessons and hands-on learning of this class are a valuable resource that can cultivate individual creativity and strengthen group cooperation.



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Fabulous Fridays Food and Fiber Arts

Debbi Wolfarth, founder of EAT Local CSRA, invites your children to enjoy adventures with fresh, locally-sourced produce. Your children will make "food art" and learn the beauty of food with all of their senses. They will learn to prepare recipes and often create recipes themselves. Find eat_local_csra on Instagram and Facebook or go to to view previous classes and see the joy on the student's faces as they present and eat their creations. 


Fiber Arts, with Ms. Carmen Moses, will teach students to manipulate various types of cloth and woven materials. They will sew, weave, and embellish to create soft sculptures and usable items. 

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