Prepared Childbirth Education/ Clase De Parto

Prepared Childbirth Education Series

The four week Lamaze-based series is designed to help give you the information you need to have a healthy and fulfilling childbirth experience.  Topics include: pregnancy review, labor pain & pain theories, signs of pre-labor, onset & stages of labor, comfort measures, breathing and relaxation exercise, labor positions, birth plans, medical interventions, pain relief medication, cesarean birth, postpartum changes, newborn procedures, and newborn appearance, communication and breastfeeding basics.  Partners of any type are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please bring two pillows and food/drink to nourish yourself throughout the class.

Where: The Parent Center/Salinas Adult School-20 Sherwood Place

When:Varied Schedule 6PM-9PM

Fee: $50 per family (A discount is available for MediCal patients, $25 if card is presented at time of registration)

Registration in person at The Parent Center(P-5) of The Salinas Adult School or online.

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