Ages 6-15 The Knight School Elementary Chess (August-May)

The Knight School chess approach is a unique, revolutionary, high-energy chess classes, replete with fast, clock-slapping chess games, a dizzying array of super-fun chess activities, hilarious instruction, a strict bully-free environment, silicone wristbands for tactics mastery, puzzlers for candy, driving music, exhilarating weekly tactical lessons, and Mardi-Gras-bead chess tournaments every single day! Give your child the gift of amazing chess friends, undeniable academic confidence, a self-identity as a smart kid, and a weekly dose of childhood joy that is the highlight of their week!  Includes t-shirt, board, tote bag, pieces for life and the May city wide Tournaparty.

The Knight School Elementary Chess

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St Paul's Catholic School
Chess Room
5 - 13 8/24 - 5/31 Th 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM View
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San Juan del Rio Catholic School
Chess Room
5 - 13 9/11 - 5/28 Mo 03:15 PM - 04:30 PM View