Philosophy Works! - Introduction

Philosophy Works!


There are many reasons why people enjoy the study of Practical Philosophy.  One is that it provides space to think more deeply about life and living.  “Who am I? and What is my purpose in life?” are two of the most widely asked questions across cultures and over millennia.

Over 10 weeks this course approaches wisdom through considering the way a wise person acts, how they speak, how they are in themselves.  The agenda looks like this:

Week 1:  The Wisdom Within.  We will explore this further in this session.

Week 2: Know Thyself.  Self-discovery.  Self-knowledge.  Who or what am I?  What is my potential in living?  What is my nature?  These questions are as old as mankind itself.

Week 3: Being Awake.  Different levels of awareness.  What is our usual state of awareness?  Are there greater levels of awareness?  If so, how may we gain access to them?  In the last few years, Mindfulness has become increasingly well-known.  We will consider aspects of this on both weeks 3 and 4.

Week 4: Attending to the present moment.  What is the potential of the present moment?  We will consider the power of attention to connect with the present moment.

Week 5: Living Justly.  What is justice and injustice?  What does it mean to live justly?  In particular we will look at what Plato has to say on this subject.

Week 6: The Threefold Energy.  How to understand and use energy well.  Can we increase the energy available to us?

Week 7: The Light of Reason.  We will consider the purpose of reason and how it may be strengthened.

Week 8: The Power of Beauty.  What is beauty?  What is its purpose?  Can we experience beauty more widely and deeply?

Week 9: Unity in Diversity.  How to see unity in diversity, the common thread of life?

Week 10: The Desire for Truth.  How does the desire for truth show itself?  How may it be satisfied?  Review the term.




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