Engineering and Design

Computer Aided Drafting/Intro - Autocad

This course introduces hands-on mechanical drawing and computer aided design (CAD) using Autocad Software. Instruction focuses on preparing and editing drawings, storage and retrieval of drawings, and production of commercial quality drawings on a plotter. Students gain skills in computer terminology and techniques in Windows. Multi-level class, Level 1, basic draw and modify commands, Level 2, formats and settings, Level 3, drafting fundamentals and plotting.   

Duration: 6 weeks  


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San Pasqual High School
SPHS 508
Perez 2/25 - 4/2 Tu Th 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM $195.00

Welding and Metal Fabrication - Beginning

This course provides training in the practical use of welding equipment.
Employment possibilities are in welder-repair and welder-fabrication.
Instruction includes general shop practice, and safety training in the use of equipment and machinery related to welding. Text book theory is NOT the focus of the class, but rather practical, hands-on experience with welding equipment. Some reading and lecture is required. 

Students become familiar with different welding and cutting processes
such as, Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW/Stick welding), Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG or Heli-arc welding). The course also focuses on cutting steel with both oxy-acetylene and Plasma Arc systems.

Prerequisites: Average hand-eye coordination, ability to work in awkward
positions. Students must wear high-top shoes and work clothes. (No shorts) Approximately 60 hours of attendance are required for course completion. Upon completion, a certificate of competency is awarded for the course.

Students are required to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which consists of :
• Welding Hood – Auto darkening preferred but not mandatory. If not auto darkening it must have a minimum of a shade 10 fixed lens
• Safety glassses – If wearing prescription glasses, the safety glasses must fit over them or the prescription glasses must be safety rated, including shields
• Gloves mimimum of 2 pair, 1 pair for SMAW / GMAW, and 1 pair
GTAW specific gloves
• Long sleeve shirt, a welding jacket is preferred

A student discount is available from Airgas to help offset the PPE cost.

Pick up an Airgas coupon from the Escondido Adult School office.

Note: Materials fee varies by project. 7 wks   6 wks

No class 1/20, 2/17

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San Pasqual High School
Smith 2/24 - 4/1 Mo We 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM $185.00