Come join us for for an exploration of the amazing world of electronics in this exciting self-paced class. 

Using ARDUINO boards and a variety of electronic components, kids will learn the fundamentals behind how electronic displays, sensors, potentiometers, sound generators, stepper and servo motors, and other electronic components work.  They'll learn the basics of C++ programming and how to program their ARDUINO boards and connect their components to create a variety of fun electronic circuits including alarms, music generators, light shows and simple electronic games, to name a few.

BEST of all students get to keep their Arduino kit!  Should they continue with further Arduino classes, or summer camps, the materials fee for those classes will be waived!

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Mason Classical Academy
9 - &up Van Gilder 2/7 - 3/21 We 03:00 PM - 04:20 PM $147.00 View 10

LEGO engineering Maker Space - MCA STUDENTS ONLY
LEGO engineering Makers Space - In this fun filled but educational LEGO engineering program, students are provided a LEGO technic challenge kit and other materials such as rubber bands, string, paper, and then given fun design/building challenges each week.  Students will learn how to take a concept to reality with using challenges such as having students build as many different geometric shapes as they can from their LEGO material, designing/building foldable chairs/tables, designing/ building simple cars, designing a sky chair that can run on a string, or designing a LEGO ball launcher. Students are introduced to engineering concepts such as forces, gears, strength of materials, etc.  This 8 week program can be repeated through out the year as each week involves different challenges.

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5 - &up Van Gilder 2/5 - 4/12 Mo 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM $99.00 View -2